Mosaic @ the Hong Kong Flower Show 2014

Mosaic performed at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2014 this evening! Enjoyed our show? Check out our YouTube for more songs!

Mosaic喺花展表演完! 有冇聽到我地唱歌呢? 想聽多d好歌, 就上我地YouTube啦!

Caption: 一班追夢的少年

2014.03.09_flower_market2 2014.03.09_flower_market1

Annual Concert 2014, we support!

We are ready for our concert! Remember to buy the tickets to watch Mosaic’s Annual Concert! The money will be donated to New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, which is the social enterprise that operates the Cafe 330 in HKU. For charity, for music, come and support us!

我地準備好表演啦!記住買飛去睇Mosaic嘅Annual Concert啦!我哋會捐出Concert嘅收益俾 “新生精神康復會” (New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association),即係HKU Cafe 330間社企。爲慈善,爲音樂,記住多多支持我哋啦!


Annual Concert 2013: Flight Mosaic

Annual Concert 2013: Flight Mosaic

Here is a big shoutout to all of you who attended Flight Mosaic on 29th March 2013: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our annual concert this year had drawn an ecstatic and miraculous turnout, as our ticketing officer was overwhelmed with the continued demand of tickets despite the sellout a week before the concert.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the patient and kind souls who have helped us make this concert a success. The following groups: resources contributors, backstage managers and assistants, photographers, and last but not least, our audience who came and enjoyed themselves, had formed the backbone of Flight Mosaic. Without you all, this event would not have been possible.

As the theme of our annual concert is unique and will change from year to year, we would like to invite you and your friends to continue your support for Mosaic during our forthcoming concerts.

We will continue to strive for the highest to improve and diversify our musicality and uniqueness   

Any feedback for us would be greatly welcomed and appreciated!  (link:

Last but not least, thanks to all of you again who came and had fun with us!


Flight Mosaic 2013

Flight Mosaic 2013

What better way to spend a beautiful Friday evening than getting serenaded with music that “gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, FLIGHT to the imagination and life to everything”?

That’s right!
Mosaic, the A Cappella group based in The University of Hong Kong, will be returning on 29 March 2013 to serenade you with the lovely sounds of A Cappella, featuring major hits such as Gangnam Style, 我的歌聲裡 and Call Me Maybe.

This year all proceeds will be donated to Soap Cycling!

Remember to mark your calenders for this meaningful and special evening of some awesome-pella!

Let us all music and A Cappella lovers come together for an enjoyable evening’s entertainment 🙂


Join us as we present.. *drum rolls*..

                           FLIGHT MOSAIC!

When: March 29th,2013, 8:00 PM

Where: Chai Wan Youth Square Y Theatre

Ticket Price: $100, $80 (for full-time students, senior citizens and people with disabilities)

Reservation and Ticketing: 2734 9009

Book via Telephone: 2111 5999

Book via URBTIX:

Programme Enquiries: Ms Winki Luk @9631 8646

Mosaic 2012 Fall Recruitment Performance

Once again, Mosaic managed to mesmerize the students of HKU with a 30-minute moving A Cappella performance held on the 3rd of October 2012.

We would like to extend our thanks to HKU Global Lounge for the perfect venue and our fellow students who have enjoyed our show!

Auditions for Mosaic will kick off in the 2nd week of October. To all our applicants, all the best to you!


Fall Audition ’12!

Time to jump out of your shower cubicle and prepare to sing on a stage with some great friends! Mosaic is now recruiting new members: singers, beatboxers and song arrangers included. Do not let your talent remain hidden! Come and explore a whole new way of making some sweet music with us 🙂

To apply, just EMAIL your
1. full name
2. curriculum & year
3. contact number
4. preferred audition dates and time (8-12 Oct 2012)

to on or before 5 Oct 2012.

Hop in to Global Lounge on 3 Oct 2012 at 1pm to watch our performance if you want to know more about us or acappella music in general!

HKU CEDARS Induction Programme 2012



Hats off to CEDARS for giving us the opportunity to share good music with the incoming freshmen at the CEDARS Induction Programme. This also happened to be the debut performance for our new recruits from last semester!

Earth Hour 2012


It has been a really great honour to be invited as one of the guest performers in Earth Hour for 3 consecutive years!

Earth Hour is always one of our favourite shows as it is meaningful in nature and we always love to do something with our music to contribute to the world a little as well !

We enjoyed every bit of the show tonight , and we hope you did too if you came tonight

Let’s not just bear the message of saving the world for a single night. Make it a motto for life  😀

Lastly, a sharing of some photos with a gorgeous singer and a splendid singing group – Joyce Cheng & C AllStar !