Sister Groups

JustSing is the sister A Cappella group of Mosaic based in Hong Kong. Since 2006, they have been performing both locally and internationally in concerts, competitions, corporate and charity events as founding members of Mosaic.

Holding on to their passion in A Cappella, the graduate members of Mosaic founded the new group JustSing to bring audience with their lively music. JustSing’s repertoire span across different genre and culture, ranging from canto-pop to Disney musical to traditional folksong.

The English and Chinese name of JustSing (摘聲) has a double meaning:

  • The Chinese name 摘聲 reflects one of their aims:  catching beautiful melody and sharing with the audience in its most natural form –  human voice.
  • The English name JustSing is our group’s motto: Just sing it!

For more information about JUSTSING, please visit their official website: and their Facebook page:

Founded in 2013 with the aim of promoting a cappella music, One-Off is a mixed a cappella group consisting of 10 former members of the HKU a cappella group Mosaic. With a wide repertoire ranging from classical music, traditional folk songs to pop music, One-Off members have made their appearance in various local and international media, events and competitions.

The name “One-Off” reflects our pledge for the audience: we give our best shot in every single performance as if it were our last!

For more information about One-Off, please visit their Facebook page: