Domain Flashmob   大本型快閃

Domain Flashmob 大本型快閃

dai bon ying photo
咦?點解Mosaic係大本型入面突然出現呢?二零一五第一擊, Mosaic又表演啦,今次我地仲為大家帶來Let it Go, 每一個明天同埋Don’t stop believing. 在場的觀眾都很投入!多謝每位在場嘅支持! 新一年Mosaic各人祝大家新年快樂、身體健康。
Oh! Who was performing in the atrium of Domain? It’s Mosaic! Today, we performed three songs, including Let it Go and Don’t Stop Believing, in a form of flash mob. We wish everyone a Happy New year on such a special day!! Thank you for your support