HKU Sport Association Performance


唔知大家sem break 過成點呢? 最後一日假期mosaic 係hku sports association既alumni dinner 為大家獻上三首歌,除左兩首快歌opps i did it again 同不死傳説之外,仲有近排好hit 既青春常駐!

Domain Flashmob 大本型快閃

dai bon ying photo
咦?點解Mosaic係大本型入面突然出現呢?二零一五第一擊, Mosaic又表演啦,今次我地仲為大家帶來Let it Go, 每一個明天同埋Don’t stop believing. 在場的觀眾都很投入!多謝每位在場嘅支持! 新一年Mosaic各人祝大家新年快樂、身體健康。
Oh! Who was performing in the atrium of Domain? It’s Mosaic! Today, we performed three songs, including Let it Go and Don’t Stop Believing, in a form of flash mob. We wish everyone a Happy New year on such a special day!! Thank you for your support

Winter Wonderland - Mosaic HK a cappella cover

Mosaic wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Mosaic 祝大家聖誕快樂!! 雖然香港冇白色聖誕, 但係我哋希望以歌聲將聖誕嘅歡樂氣氛送俾大家!



Fall Audition '14!

Mosaic’s audition application is open now! Don’t miss your chance if you love singing! Come along with your friends as well!


樂樺@SIS&Mosaic Cover [Let it go]

Don’t stop…listening to good music! Another Mosaic’s new video is out! Have you noticed the preview at the end of the last video? That’s right! We have made the A cappella version of “Let it go” from Frozen, arranged by Lok Wa@SIS and performed by Lok Wa@SIS & Mosaic! We have sung it in multi-lingual languages. Can you count how many languages we have sung? One? Or three? Never mind and Let it go! Because the number never bother me anyway!

好歌聽不停! Mosaic又有新video出爐啦! 唔知大家有冇留意上一段video嘅預告呢? 冇錯! 我哋今次為Frozen嘅“Let it go”製作無伴奏合唱版, 由樂樺@SIS編曲, 樂樺@SIS & Mosaic主唱! 我哋仲用咗多國語言唱歌, 大家數唔數到有幾多種語言呢?


樂樺@SIS&Mosaic Cover [Let it go]

Presented by 樂樺@SIS and Mosaic

Arranged by 樂樺@SIS


SIS & Mosaic Cover [由我們主宰] - 2014世界盃足球賽 可口可樂主題曲 Coca-Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup Theme

Mosaic’s new video is out! This is the first time we cooperate with SIS, the new Hong Kong girl group, singing the A cappella version of Coca-Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup Theme Song! Hope you’ll like our performance!


SIS & Mosaic Cover [由我們主宰] – 2014世界盃足球賽 可口可樂主題曲 Coca-Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup Theme

Presented by SIS樂印姊妹 and Mosaic

Arranged by 樂樺@SIS

Performing guest @ ECHOES competition

Mosaic is honored to be the performing guest of ECHOES competition in Kwun Tong District today! Besides performing “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Pu Tong Peng You”, we have also performed “My Vow” for the first time! Hope the audience enjoyed our performance and learnt more about A Cappella!

Mosaic今日好榮幸可以為第七屆觀塘區聯校歌唱比賽ECHOES 擔任表演嘉賓! 除左演唱”Don’t Stop Believing”同”普通朋友”之外, 我哋仲首次演唱”我的宣言”! 希望今次演出能向更多中學生推廣無伴奏音樂啦!:D