HKU Centenary Celebration Concert Tour

July 2011

Back to the grind after a great mini-tour in Shanghai and Beijing for the ‘HKU 100 Centennary Tour’.
It was a trip filled with early morning (often ineffective ,haha ) wake-up calls, sightseeing galore, late night rehearsals, long bus rides, free flowing flu germs, discovery of new vocal techniques, ridiculously good food, dollops of sunscreen, spontaneous a capella jam sessions on the Great Wall, backstage photo sessions, pre-show nervousness, music and lyrics, strengthened bonds, and waves of creativity- both inspiring and nonsensical.
We were excited to have shared the stage with the Harvard Krokodioes and learn from their seasoned performance skills while having our hearts held captive by their beautiful voices.
There have been so many great moments and memories, that its impossible to write it all down in a single blog post. To quote a cliché, a picture speaks a thousand words, and so- here is some photos taken full of love, laughter and music. : )


Special thanks to the HKU staff: Winne, Theo and others, and to our two coaches: Stoa and Lawrence for making this trip smooth, exciting and educational.