Hong Kong & Macau College A Cappella Competition

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Annual Concert 2016

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Vocal Asia 2015

@ Shanghai


Annual Concert 2017 – “All I Ask” 《我想》

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Mosaic是香港大學首個無伴奏合唱組合,成立於2006年7月,由不同學系、年級的學生組成。Mosaic 的名稱是借馬賽克藝術中由一塊塊不同顏色﹑形狀的圖案所拼合的美麗圖案﹐寓意每位成員的獨特天賦﹐融合成既豐富和諧又充滿活力的音樂。Mosaic是香港首個舉辦大型音樂會的校園無伴奏合唱組合。自創團以來,Mosaic活躍於香港合唱界,每年於校內外均積極參與演出。

Mosaic的無伴奏合唱週年音樂會,是他們全年度最大型的演出。整個音樂會的籌劃,由劇本、選曲到宣傳、出版均是他們一手包辦。除了憑藉精彩的演出,以及首首動聽歌曲給場內各位觀眾帶來一個歡快的晚上外,Mosaic每次更會將這個音樂會的淨收益撥捐慈善組織,旨在透過音樂,將關懷傳遞給在音樂廳以外的有需要人士,為社會公益略盡綿力,這點亦正是Mosaic週年音樂會的獨特之處。這個既有好音樂,又富意義的盛會,每年皆是好評如潮,座無虛席。在過去數年,Mosaic的週年音樂會支持了不同慈善機構,包括國際十字路會、Samaritan's Feet、庭恩兒童中心、Project Little Dream、再皂福、新生精神康復會、兒童癌病基金、音樂兒童基金會及惜食堂。

於2007年12月,Mosaic於香港大學舉辦了首場慈善音樂會。自此,Mosaic每年為不同的慈善團體籌款,為社會公益略盡綿力。2009年的<電視撈飯之汁都撈埋>,是Mosaic首次將慈善音樂會搬上大型舞台。從此以後,大型慈善音樂會亦成為了 Mosaic一年一度的重頭節目。2010年的<大學5.5件事>,向觀眾活靈活現地呈現出這群大學生對大學生活的體驗;2011年的<感嘆號>,這群大學生跟觀眾分享他們對生活、情感的看法;2012年,他們沒有談末日,相反以<iMosaic>為題,向觀眾分享他們對人與人之間關係的看法;2013年,他們與觀眾談談夢想,談談希望,啟動了<飛行模式>;2014年,他們以<加快吧!>為題,與觀眾探討珍惜生命中每一個時刻的重要性;2015年,他們憑藉<陪我講?>打開了心扉,與觀眾重新相擁;2016年,他們塑造了願望可以成真的幻想世界,連續兩晚上演了一場<心。事。交易>。

此外,Mosaic自2012年港澳大專無伴奏合唱比賽開始舉行,便是其中常客,更有幸四度奪魁,其中於應屆 2016 年比賽獲得最佳主唱、本地組冠軍以及全場總冠軍共三個獎項。除了活躍於於本地,Mosaic亦有不少海外演出及比賽的經驗。例如於2008年赴台參加台灣國際當代無伴奏合唱節,次年再度獲邀;2009年則蒙澳門大學邀請,於澳門無伴奏合唱節中演出。在2010年,Mosaic更獲香港貿易發展局邀請到上海演出。同年,Mosaic在星加坡的國際無伴奏合唱比賽中,榮獲銀獎。在剛過去的2012及2013年中,Mosaic兩度於亞洲無伴奏音樂節大專無伴奏合唱比賽中奪得冠軍,同時亦再次於星加坡的國際無伴奏合唱比賽中奪得亞軍。2015年暑假,Mosaic獲上海亞卡貝拉藝術節邀請再赴上海演出,與亞洲各地的組合互相交流切磋,同時有幸得紐約著名組合Naturally 7指導,獲益良多。以上對所有團員而言,是一項莫大的鼓舞。



Mosaic is the premier A Cappella group based in The University of Hong Kong and comprises students from different faculties and years of studies. The name “Mosaic” was chosen to capture the very nature of the group – coming from different backgrounds, Mosaicians bring our individual uniqueness into harmonized pieces of lively, spirited music. Established in July 2006, Mosaic is the first collegiate A Cappella group in HK to organise large-scale concerts and has been very active in the Hong Kong choral scene, staging numerous performances both on and off campus.

Mosaic holds an A Cappella concert annually as their highlight event of the year. Mosaic debuted their first charity concert at HKU in December 2007. In 2009, the show upscaled and since then, Mosaic has made the annual concert their tradition. <Tribute to the TV Box> in 2009 was the start of the series, being unexpectedly well-received as Mosaic's first upscaled charity concert. Their success was continued by their second annual concert <College 5.5>, which vividly depicted their experience in the university. In the 2011 concert <Exclamation>, they shared their views towards life. In 2012, they did not talk about doomsday, instead creating <iMosaic> to share their experiences of using smart phones.  In 2013, they shared views on dreams and hopes via music in their fifth concert, <Flight Mosaic>.  In 2014, they shared the idea of “treasure every moment” with the audience in their concert, <Fast Forward!>. In 2015, they opened their hearts and embraced the audience with their concert, <Shall We Talk?>. In 2016, they came forward with <The Deal>, and offered the audience a world where wishes came true, but at a price.

While consistently giving full-house performances and sharing heartful music with their audience, Mosaic has also paid much attention to the community and people in need. Each year, the concert is dedicated to one charity and all net proceeds are donated. This is one reason that makes Mosaic annual concerts extra special and meaningful, earning them overwhelming appreciation and recognition over the years. In the past few years, Mosaic has partnered with different charities such as Crossroads, Samaritan’s Feet, Benji’s Centre, Project Little Dream, Soap Cycling, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Children's Cancer Foundation, Music Children Foundation, and Food Angel.

Ever since the installation of the Hong Kong and Macau College A Cappella Competition in 2012, Mosaic has been an active participant of this annual event, winning the competition among collegiate groups in the region on no less than four occasions, claiming their latest victory in 2016. Outside Hong Kong, Mosaic made its debut international performance at the 2008 International Contemporary A Cappella Festival in Taipei, and was again invited to join the Festival in 2009.  In March the same year, Mosaic performed in the Macau A Cappella Festival upon invitation from the University of Macau.  In 2010, Mosaic was invited by Hong Kong Trade Development Council to perform in Shanghai, and later that same year participated in Singapore International A Cappella Championship, claiming the Silver Award. Mosaic also got first runner up in the same competition the summer after. In addition, Mosaic won the Championship at the Asia A Cappella Festival Collegiate A Cappella Competition Champion for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013). Mosaic was also invited to the Vocal Asia Festival Shanghai in 2015, where A Cappella groups of various musical genres from all over Asia gathered. It is certainly a privilege to have been coached by world renowned group Naturally 7 during the festival.

Mosaic is dedicated to the promotion of A Cappella music in Hong Kong, hence often appearing on TV, radio, shopping malls and other major events.



Adrian Leung

Vocal Percussion
About me:
He is

Tiffany Wong

Soprano / Music Director
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Jackie Chui

About me:

Stephanie Wu

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Andrew Wong

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Yuki Siu

Vocal Percussion
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Jeanie Chiu

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Juan Lee

Vocal Percussion
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Charles Chung

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Stephanie Ng

Alto / Music Director
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Samuel Ng

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Lillian Lee

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Peter Tang

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Hin Li

Vocal Percussion
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Jamie To

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Janice Lee

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Karen Leung

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Peter Sou

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Rocky Au

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Adarsh Rai

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Finish Chan

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Steven Lee

About me:

Mosaic constantly recruits new members from HKU. Below are current members this year:


                                              SOPRANO                    Stephanie Wu, Tiffany Wong, Jeanie Chiu, Jamie To, Janice Lee

                                              ALTO                             Stephanie Ng, Jackie Chui, Lillian Lee, Karen Leung

                                              TENOR                          Andrew Wong, Steven Lee, Peter Tang, Peter Sou, Rocky Au

                                              BASS                            Charles Chung, Samuel Ng, Adarsh Rai, Finish Chan

                                              Vocal Percussion        Adrian Leung, Yuki Siu, Juan Lee, Hin Li

And the past members of Mosaic:

Alina Cheung, Anna Tsang, Caroline Wong, Cary Tsang, Chan Ying Chi, Cheryl Ma, Chung Jah Ying, Clive Ngai, Cmon Lai, David Wong, Dixon Tse, Elysia Ang, Eric Hung, Faith Choi, Gladys Chiu, Gladys Tse, Horace Kiang, Janet Man, Janny Lau, Jun Kwong, Justen Li, Katherine Lai, Michele Chan, Patricia Cheung, Samantha Chau, Sannie Au Yeung, Stephanie Teoh, Terris Lo, Venus Tjang, Victor Sun, Louise Chui, Mandy Lai, Samantha Wan, Suhani Jain, Ricky Chan, Ronald Chan, Heusen Yip, Henry Lam, Alex Ho,  Adrian Lui, Kelvin Lo, Kyson Lo, Agnes Hio, Astina Au, Eileen Law, Harmony Lam, Irene Cheung, Katherine Chan, Jessica Lung, Patrick Law, Ariel Lam, Elaine Wong, Ngo Hsiao Wern (Wern), Marvin Chung, Gaby Jacinda, Audrey Hanzdima, Rebec Lok, Sara Ng, Jeffrey Wan, Karissa Yip, Mingme Yeung, Edmond Tang, Henry To, Valerie Ng, Jacky Liong, Angus Choy, Winki Luk, Joyce Tan, Jevons Chan, Eric Ma, Joanne Fung, Adelaide Chan, Ernest Chu, Vivian Ng, Enoch Lui, Enoch Cheng


Mosaic's number ranges from 17th century classicals to 21st century HK Pop songs, from christian gospels to cartoon theme songs. We are constantly expanding our musical horizon, experimenting with new styles and arranging our own music.

  As a group based in Hong Kong, Mosaic is also dedicated to the promotion of local music to the world through A cappella. We have commissioned various composers to arrange canto-pop songs to A cappella songs. Most of our numbers are arranged by our in-house arrangers.  Our dedicated team of arrangers also welcome special song requests from our clients and songs of your choice!  Contact us (info@mosaichk.org) for more information. Remember to checkout Mosaic's very own Youtube channel   
English Pop and Classics

English Pop and Classics

  • All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor
  • All Of Me – John Legend
  • American Pie – Don McLean
  • Baby – Justin Bieber
  • Bad Day – Daniel Powter
  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  • Bang Bang – Jessie J
  • Bruno Mars Medley (It Will Rain, Nothin' On You, Rocketeer, Grenade, Treasure, Uptown Funk, Locked Out Of Heaven, Marry You, Lighters, Count On Me, Runaway Baby)
  • Close To You – The Carpenters
  • Coldplay Medley (Speed Of Sound, Fix You, Everglow, Paradise, Lost!, The Scientist, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, The Hardest Part, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Up & Up)
  • Colours of the Wind – Vanessa Williams
  • Come Go with Me – C. E. Quick
  • Congratulations – Cliff Richard
  • Counting Stars – One Republic
  • Don't Stop Believing – Glee
  • Easy (Like Sunday Morning) – Lionel Richie
  • Everything Is Sound – Jason Mraz
  • Flashlight – Jessie J
  • Fly Me to the Moon – Diana Kraill
  • Grenade – Bruno Mars
  • Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
  • Heal the World – Michael Jackson
  • Heartbeat Song – Kelly Clarkson
  • How Deep is Your Love – Bee Gees
  • I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  • In My Life – The Beatles
  • Insomnia x Closer – Craig David / Ne-Yo
  • Imagine – John Lennon
  • Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  • Lean On Me – Bill Withers (Glee Version)
  • Let it Go – Idina Menzel / Demi Lovato
  • Let it Go x Defying Gravity – Idina Menzel / Demi Lovato & Wicked
  • Lost Stars– Keira Knightley
  • Love Me A Capella – Janice Vidal
  • Make You Feel My Love – Adele / Bob Dylan
  • Mercy – Duffy
  • Mr Almost – Meghan Trainor
  • Officially Missing You – Tanya
  • Oops! I Did it Again – Britney Spears
  • Poker Face – Lady Gaga
  • Price Tag – Jessie J ft B.o.B
  • Problem – Ariana Grande
  • Rise – Katy Perry
  • Secret Love Song – Little Mix
  • Stereo Hearts x Love The Way You Lie – Gym Class Heroes, Adam Levine / Rihanna, Eminem / Flo Rida
  • Shalala – Vengaboys
  • So Close – Jon McLaughlin
  • Stand by Me – Ben E. King
  • Summertime – Roderick Williams
  • Talking To The Moon – Bruno Mars
  • Tears – Clean Bandit
  • Those Were the Days – Mary Hopkin
  • Top of the World – The Carpenters
  • Treasure x Get Lucky – Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars
  • Video Killed the Radio Star –Buggles
  • We Are Young – fun.
  • We're all in this together – Glee Cast
  • We’ve only just begun – The Carpenters
  • When You Believe – Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston
  • When You Were My Man – Bruno Mars
  • When You Wish Upon a Star (Pinocchio)
  • You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban


  • 1874 – 陳奕迅
  • Erica – 側田
  • K歌之王 – 陳奕迅
  • Light up your dream – 林一峰
  • Shall we talk – 陳奕迅
  • Stand by me (維他奶廣告歌)
  • Sugar Baby x 有夢就很好了 - FFx / 駱胤鳴
  • Superman – AGA 江海迦
  • Victory – 李克勤
  • 一千零一次人生 – 林欣彤
  • 一絲不掛 – 陳奕迅
  • 大日子 - 容祖兒
  • 大雄 – 古巨基
  • 小白 – 周柏豪
  • 小日子 – 容祖兒
  • 不死傳說 – 陳奕迅
  • 不要驚動愛情 – 鄭秀文
  • 天使的禮物 – 陳奕迅
  • 心跳500天 – Regen C
  • 世上只有 – 容祖兒
  • 世間始終你好 – 羅文 / 甄妮
  • 只得一次 – 關淑怡
  • 再生 – 王梓軒
  • 有人共鳴 – 林奕匡
  • 我的宣言 – 周柏豪
  • 我的宣言 x 唯獨你是不可取替 – 周柏豪 / 鄭秀文
  • 我的秘密 – GEM
  • 我的驕傲 – 容祖兒
  • 你是你本身的傳奇 – 方皓旼
  • 每一個明天 – 陳奕迅
  • 沒有你我甚麼都不是 – 陳柏宇
  • 青春常駐 – 張敬軒
  • 《花》組曲 (飛花、懸崖花、火花不等人、花無雪、花千樹、白玫瑰、信心花舍、字花、無忘花、生命之花)
  • 《來吧》組曲
  • 約定 – 王菲
  • 急口令歌
  • 紅日 -李克勤
  • 哥歌 – 王菀之
  • 容祖兒組曲(怯、分身術、誰來愛我、淡、痛愛、流淚眼望流淚眼、心痛、搜記)
  • 浮誇 – 陳奕迅
  • 海闊天空 – Beyond
  • 留低鎖匙 – 張敬軒
  • 真情細說 – 李樂詩
  • 祝君好 – 張智霖
  • 側田組曲 (好人、Kong、三十日、美麗之最、命硬、Saranghae)
  • 終身美麗 – 鄭秀文
  • 張敬軒組曲 (騷靈情歌、餘震、笑忘書、櫻花樹下、我的天、My Way)
  • 單車 – 陳奕迅
  • 最佳損友 – 陳奕迅
  • 無盡 - Supper Moment
  • 給最開心的人 – 林一峰
  • 越難越愛 – 吳若希
  • 愛你 – 陳芳語
  • 愛是永恆 – 張學友
  • 愛變了這世界襯衣 – 杜德偉 / 古巨基
  • 獅子山下 – 羅文
  • 嗶嗶嗶 – 謝金燕
  • 滾 – 梁漢文/楊千嬅
  • 廣東歌詞接龍 (每一個明天、戀愛預告、女校男生、我的最愛、心急人上、酷愛、多啦A夢、無盡)
  • 獨自去偷歡 – 劉德華
  • 錢錢錢錢 – 古巨基
  • 講不出聲 x 無心害你 – 關菊英
  • 離開是為了回來 – 林一峰
  • 難兄難弟 – 群星
  • 歡樂今宵 – 群星
Mandarin Favorites

Mandarin Favorites

  • Lydia – F.I.R.
  • Superwoman – 曹格
  • 人海中遇見你 - 林育群
  • 小幸運 – 田馥甄
  • 不為誰而作的歌 – 林俊傑
  • 中國人 – 劉德華
  • 包青天 – 胡瓜/林子祥
  • 自以為 – 徐佳瑩、方大同
  • 至少還有你 – 林憶蓮
  • 我們的故事 – Tension
  • 那些年 – 胡夏
  • 那麼愛你為什麼 – 黃品源
  • 周杰倫組曲 (安靜、黑色幽默、最長的電影、七里香、星晴、稻香)
  • 周杰倫組曲 (可愛女人、龍捲風、我不配、給我一首歌的時間、鞋子特大號、陽光宅男)
  • 夜夜夜夜 – 齊秦
  • 雨天 – 孫燕姿
  • 為什麼你捨得我難過 – 黃品源
  • 恭喜你+祝福你
  • 普通朋友 – 陶喆


  • Chorus of the Huntsman
  • Hungarian Dance No. 5
  • Name that Tune
  • William Tell Overture
Christmas and Gospels

Christmas and Gospels

  • Because He Lives
  • Carols of the bells
  • Deck the Halls
  • Go tell it on the mountain
  • God will make a way
  • Jingle bell rocks
  • Joy to the world
  • O Holy Night
  • Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  • Santa Claus is coming to town
  • We wish you a merry Christmas
  • White Christmas
  • Winter Wonderland
  • 愛是不保留
Cartoon, Movies and Soundtracks

Cartoon, Movies and Soundtracks

  • All You Need Is Love
  • Be Careful What You Eat!
  • Doraemon 叮噹
  • O McDonald had a Farm
  • Banana Song (Despicable Me)
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Under the Sea
  • When You Wish Upon a Star
  • 崖上的波兒
  • 豬腩肉(麥兜)
International Mix

International Mix

  • Dravidian Dithyramb (Indian)
  • I Believe (Korean – 我的野蠻女友)
  • It's Over (Korean)
  • Koo Kud (Thai)
  • Nobody (Korean)
  • Pop Star (Japanese)
  • Sakura (Japanese)
  • Siyahamba (African)
  • Sorry Sorry (Korean)
  • Tegami (Japanese)
  • 呼喚 (Korean – 大長今)


Sister Groups

JustSing is the sister A Cappella group of Mosaic based in Hong Kong. Since 2006, they have been performing both locally and internationally in concerts, competitions, corporate and charity events as founding members of Mosaic.

Holding on to their passion in A Cappella, the graduate members of Mosaic founded the new group JustSing to bring audience with their lively music. JustSing’s repertoire span across different genre and culture, ranging from canto-pop to Disney musical to traditional folksong.

The English and Chinese name of JustSing (摘聲) has a double meaning:

  • The Chinese name 摘聲 reflects one of their aims:  catching beautiful melody and sharing with the audience in its most natural form –  human voice.
  • The English name JustSing is our group’s motto: Just sing it!

For more information about JUSTSING, please visit their official website:   http://www.justsinghk.com/ and their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/justsinghk

Founded in 2013 with the aim of promoting a cappella music, One-Off is a mixed a cappella group consisting of 10 former members of the HKU a cappella group Mosaic. With a wide repertoire ranging from classical music, traditional folk songs to pop music, One-Off members have made their appearance in various local and international media, events and competitions.

The name “One-Off” reflects our pledge for the audience: we give our best shot in every single performance as if it were our last!

For more information about One-Off, please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oneoffhk

Invite Us

Do you need a live band or entertainment for your wedding, venue or event but want something special?

Mosaic is here to offer you an extraordinary experience. We have performed extensively both in Hong Kong and overseas and our track record speaks for itself!  Please feel free to contact us through info@mosaichk.org .

  Services include 服務包括:
  • Performance at all type of functions, such as:於各類型活動表演,例如:
    • Wedding 婚禮
    • Annual / Gala Dinners 晚宴
    • Seminars / Networking Events 研討會 / 交流宴會
    • Parties 派對
    • Ceremonies 典禮
    • Concert 音樂會
    • Shopping mall performance 商場表演
    • Charity performance 慈善表演
  • A cappella coaching 無伴奏合唱訓練
  • A cappella accompaniment 無伴奏伴唱
  • Custom song arrangement 自選歌曲編曲

Join Us

If you are interested in joining Mosaic and be involved in our upcoming performances, here is your chance to do so:

 Become a Mosaician!


We are looking for individuals who…

love to sing;

are passionate to learn;

are willing to commit; and

are a good team player


In Mosaic you can…

learn to sing without any musical instruments and pretend to be one;

perform in various master classes and workshops;

perform in our annual concert;

have opportunities in Macau, Taipei and in various school/public functions;

establish life-long friendships



Please stay tuned for our upcoming auditions! Check out our Facebook page for more information!


MOSAIC Facebook Fanpage 

MOSAIC Twitter

MOSAIC Youtube Channel


MOSAIC's sister group  JUSTSING摘聲 One-Off

Contemporary A Cappella Society of Hong Kong http://www.cashk.org/